As more and more people make use of personal injury lawyers, the law has had to change. People are no longer able to make a claim and assume they will be compensated, it’s a lot more complicated than that.

The world of politics is one such world that has spoken a lot about personal injury claims, simply because it has become a big issue. In the UK very recently, a man deliberately threw himself on a supermarket floor, and then put in a claim, stating that he’d hurt his back in the fall.

A bad name

It’s issues like this that give the personal injury world a bad name. It’s also claimants like these that give those with genuine cases a bad name. The good news is that if you have a genuine claim, than a personal injury attorney may be able to help you out. You could get compensation for your injury, although the sum in question is open to negotiation, and dependent on the circumstances.

Adame Garza Law and other similar corporations, can help to make the claim easier, as they will pretty much do all of the paperwork. But, the world of personal injury is still one that is frowned upon, even though the right people get the compensation they deserve.

Politics and personal injuries

Politicians have spoken about this issue many times. They have decided to make sure that only real claims should result in money being paid out. They have worked with attorneys to ensure that there are steps to be taken that will rat out any false claims. While this seems like a really good idea, it is often easier said than done. The gentleman who tried to make a claim when he deliberately fell on the floor, was only found out when the supermarket in question decided to investigate. There were no witnesses to the fall, there were only witnesses to the gentleman lying on the floor, and probably crying out in pain.

When the supermarket in question decided to check their CCTV, they discovered that the man making the claim stood upright, looked around to see who was there, and then threw himself on the floor. It was clear from the video what he had done, and therefore the claim was invalid

Making a false claim

If you make a false claim, or you try to, you can get in a lot of trouble, so it’s really not worth it. If you need to see a personal injury attorney because you have a genuine injury, then you won’t need to worry.

The world of the personal injury claim, and the politics and laws that surround them are ever-changing, but they are hugely interesting, and could be very beneficial to your wallet.

Every year we see more and more makeup brands hit the market. Some brands promise us excellent results, whereas other promise us pretty good results. The fact is that we don’t want ‘Pretty good’ results, we want the best results around, so we can look and feel good.

The top makeup brands for women primarily turn out to be the ones that are a little more expensive that shop branded versions. These brands are the ones that have made a name for themselves simply because of their quality, and the results that they give. Some of these brands are endorsed by celebrities, whereas others are not, yet.

What brands should you invest in?

I’d like to be able to tell you which brands you should invest in, but that is entirely up to you. Some brands only offer a specific range of colors and finishes, whereas other offer all the colors and finishes you can think of, and more. Incredibly, some of the top makeup brands are those that you will find online, for a lower price and with good availability. These brands can help you to look and feel good for not too much money. This isn’t to say that you should avoid splashing out on a more expensive brand if you want to, but you could be missing out.

Here are some top tips when thinking about what makeup brands you should invest in:

1.Think about the kind of products that look good on you.
2.Don’t buy anything that doesn’t look good, no matter how much you like it
3.Do a spot test, make sure that you don’t come out in a rash when you try a new product. Give it a go in the shop first if you can, and if you get a reaction, then ask a friend if they want it.
4.Don’t be afraid to experiment with different brands, find those that aren’t extortionately priced, and come with a good reputation.
5.Make a note of the brands and the products that you love to use. If you make a note, you’ll be able to refer back to it at a later date when your current supplies are running out.
6.Check out those websites that promise to sell you top range products for lower prices, you could grab yourself a bargain.
7.Don’t forget to try those lower priced and relatively unknown brands, you could find something that’s absolutely perfect for you

The best makeup brands for you to invest in, are those that you love. Give them all a try and see what works for you. Find out what works for your friends and family, and start to look and feel good

Not a day goes by where we don’t hear about what one politician said with regards to something happening in the world right now. Politicians are allegedly our representatives, and they ideally take our questions and concerns into parliament, and work to ensure we all have happy and safe lives.

The trouble is that most of us don’t trust politicians one bit, we know that many of them avoid telling the truth, and they like to skirt around questions, rather than answer them directly. This is not to say that all politicians are like this, they aren’t, there are some decent ones out there, but on the whole we don’t view most of them in a very positive light.

Do they have any idea as to what life is really like?

Some do, some of the younger politicians really do know what life is like, but some of the older ones, including the prime minister, don’t seem to have an idea. Bought up in wealthy families, and educated in elite establishments, most of them have never experienced the hardship that some of us do. They have never had to worry where their next meal is coming from, or whether they can afford to put the heating on when it gets cold.

Were they brought up in a working class family?

As I previously mentioned, many of them haven’t, so they may not have much of an idea as to how hard life can actually get. This is a real shame as it means they can only make assumptions about what they think they know, rather than knowing for a fact that life is hard.

Are they so far removed from everyday life?

I really do think that a lot of politicians are, they have not had to scrape pennies together in order to be able to clothe their children. Have they ever had to read epilator reviews in a bid to find out which is the cheapest one? They probably haven’t, because they’ve lead and are still leading privileged lives that are a far cry from the ones that you see behind close doors in regular homes.

Should people who live in a different part of the country have a say on issues elsewhere?

The fact is that a lot of MP’s work in London, and for some reason seem to think that it’s the centre of the UK. London is almost 200 miles from my front door, and I find it hard to imagine that those living and working in London can have an idea as to what life is like 200 miles away. I don’t think people in a different part of the country should have a say on issues that happen elsewhere, because life and be, and is very different.

As you can see, I don’t have a positive opinion on most MP’s, however, I know there are some who work hard and know that life is tough. Unfortunately, until they become the majority, we will keep hearing



At the time of writing, the British Prime Minister has suddenly decided that he wants Syrian refugees to come to the UK. The British public made it very clear that they wanted to welcome these poor people into the country. Originally, David Cameron said that welcoming more refugees in, was not the answer. The British public became angry, and Mr. Cameron seemed to realise that perhaps he’d better listen, because if he didn’t, people would like him even less than they already do. This is what it ultimately comes down to.


I personally have no issue with Syrian refugees or any refugees coming to the UK, and here’s why:


They will come here and work


The Syrian people want a better life, and chances are they will get jobs and work hard. Life over here is no doubt better than their home country, and there are a lot more jobs here too, so there’s a real chance for them to find work and help to support their families.



Helping the economy


No matter whether they work, or whether they end up on benefits, if more people are spending money, they will be helping the economy. This can only be a good thing for the UK, as it will bring more money in. what’s more is it will help the economy in other countries too, especially if they shop internationally on sites such as http://www.tigerstrike.com/equipment/sparring-gear/foam/.


They are people too


Syrian refugees, and any refugees to be exact, are people too. We should stop looking at them as if they are foreigners and accept that they live on this earth, just as we do. They just want a good life, like everyone else does, and if this means starting a new life in a different country, why shouldn’t they?


Migrants can be asked to leave the country, refugees cannot

The British Government has been notorious for referring to refugees as ‘Migrants’. This is because they have the authority to deport migrants, but they cannot deport refugees who have come to seek asylum. Let these poor people come to the UK to find shelter, food and jobs, and let them start afresh, just as our ancestors did when they first made their way to this country.


As you can see, there are many good reasons why the UK and every other country should welcome Syrian refugees. Hopefully they will be looked after well and made to feel at home in a country whose citizens are ready to welcome them with open arms.



It was recently suggested by the British Government, that supermarkets and other shops should have normal trading hours on a Sunday. This means that if the suggestion is put into place, that all shops will be open for longer than the current 6 hours that they are permitted at the moment.


Against the proposal/suggestion

Some people are against the proposal as they deem it to be against some Christian values. But even though this country is deemed to be a Christian one, fewer and fewer people are going to church. This means that those who are against the proposed opening hours are likely to be in a minority, and as we well know, minorities are not always taken into consideration when there’s money to be made.

Some people say that it will merely encourage others to spend more money. This could potentially mean that some people spend more than they can afford, and this could be bad for them. I’m sure that most people will stick to their usual spending, but they will just have more opportunity to spend the cash they have.


For the proposal/suggestion

If shops open for longer hours on a Sunday, it will mean that people are likely to spend more money. This could be great for the economy, as it means more people will head to the shops. What’s more is you’re unlikely to see that mad rush to buy things, just before the shops close at 4pm. Extended hours will ensure just about everyone has time to do their shop on a Sunday.

What’s more is in some cases, knowing that your favourite supermarket is still open, will make you more inclined to pop in and see what’s for sale. This too can help to boost the economy, as you’d be spending money that you wouldn’t have spent otherwise.


Will it only affect shops?

I think other industries may be affected by the change. industrial roofing services , builders, office staff and management for example, may find there’s more demand for work on a Sunday. I guess that this will be up to the business in question as to whether or not they ask their employees to work for longer.

In my opinion, shops should be able to open for longer. They should not be restricted by old and out of date laws. Opening for longer will mean more trade, particularly in tourist areas. More trade can only be beneficial to local and national economies, so bring on the changes I say.


file000127353638My older brother is deeply into politics, and I’m quite surprised that he didn’t go into it as a career. Given the chance, he would have an in-depth conversation about politics, who is running the country, and who he thinks should be elected for [Insert position here]. The fact is that he would be more than happy to talk all day long about it, but I wouldn’t. I don’t get very involved in politics, I certainly have my opinions, but I’m just happy to vote when it’s required and talk briefly to a select few about my opinions.

Is politics boring?

A lot of people don’t seem that interested in politics at all, in fact they can become quite bored by it. Many people tell others that politics don’t affect them at all, and they have nothing to do with their lives. Well to be honest, although the interest may not be there, the fact of the matter is that politics can and do affect our daily lives, more so than we think.

If you have ever complained about what time clubs shut, then you’re discussing a political issue. Clubs usually have their licences given to them by local councils, as do bars and clubs. If you want your favorite club to stay open for a few more hours, contact your local council, and be prepared to talk politics,

Sunday trading in the UK

I recently heard that stores in the UK are thinking of opening all day on a Sunday. Current laws state that they can only stay open for up to 6 hours a day. This is now being challenged as it could potentially mean more money goes into the economy, and more jobs are created. This is a political issue. It means that British people will no longer have to buy groceries at the last minute before the stores shut, nor will they have to wait until Monday before they can buy the best rechargeable flashlight or a new TV from the electrical store.


In some states you have to display any firearms that you’re carrying, in other states you don’t. This is all down to a matter of politics, so if you want to discuss the issue with someone, then contact a local politician or your local council.

The subject of politics seems to affect us in a lot of different ways, perhaps more than we originally imagined. While most people won’t go into a long debate about politics, some of the issues raised by politicians can and do affect our daily lives.

Although you may not be an avid fan of the political world, it doesn’t hurt to have a brief understanding of the issues that are hot right now.





If you have been watching or listening to the news lately, you will no doubt have heard about the recent plans for tax credits. Working tax credits are awarded to those who work more than 30 hours a week, and currently have an annual income of less than £6,420 per household.

Of course, if you earn more than the above amount, you may still qualify for working tax credits, but you are likely to receive less. You may also be entitled to child tax credit, depending on your annual income, and how many children you have. But the current threshold figures are about to change, and it’s these figures that are causing an uproar through-out the UK.

What are the changes?

Recently the government has announced there will be changes in the amount of tax credits that are being paid out. In April 2016, the threshold for working tax credits will go down to just over £3,000 a year. This means that any household that earns more than £3,000 a year will see a reduction in how much tax credit that are paid as of April 2016. Basically, the higher your wages are, the less working tax credit you will be paid. This is likely to affect millions of households all around the country, and it could leave some people struggling to make ends meet.

Changes to child tax credit

Proposed changes to child tax credits suggest that those who have more than 2 children under a certain age, will not get credit for every child. Families with children will now only be paid credits for the first two children, but not any proceeding children who come along. This too is likely to cause monetary difficulties, as having children can be very expensive.

So what can we do?

Unfortunately, there is very little that we can do about the situation. If the government decide to go ahead and make these changes, we will just have to put up with them and do the best we can. So what does the future hold for workers and families? I imagine that a lot of people will struggle even more so than they currently are. I suspect there will be doctors surgeries and other modular healthcare buildings full of people who are simply struggling to put food on the table, and have therefore started to suffer because of it.

Learning to make ends meet

The fact of the matter is that a lot of people will have to learn how to make ends meet. We will have to work out how to pay the bills and feed our families, while having less money in our pockets and bank accounts.

My advice

My advice to you is to try to make savings where you can. Cut down on unnecessary expenditures, and try to cook meals from scratch as this is a cheaper option. Give up smoking and cut down on alcohol consumption. Get rid of those TV subscription deals, and learn to wear an extra layer when it gets cold, rather than automatically putting the heating on.

I think the sooner we get used to spending less money, the sooner we will become used to it. Yes, things may become tough, but we can get through this, by doing what we can and sticking together.